Asa Lull Tavern.

Site: V10-76. Municipality: Hartland, VT. Location: Brownsville Road, Hartland 4 Corners. Site Type: Tavern (former).


The house near the corner but fronting the Brownsville Rd. is now owned by McLean / Sherman. It belonged to Miss Rice in 1869 and more recently to the lawyer and politician, Peter Welch. However, it began its career as the Alba and Zerah Lull Tavern, sons of Asa. The structure may have been built soon after the turn of the 19th century (an 1802 cent coin was found in the cellar). It was located in the back of the present house on a part of the cellar hole and the east end of the ell. When doing repairs, Howland Atwood found old boards marked "ZL" and "AL" (Zerah Lull and his father Asa Lull) as well as wide boards and handmade nails. The Tavern burned in 1850. The ell was built on to the main part of the house about 1857 by John Wesley Labaree. Expanded and extended over the years by various owners, the house is eligible for the State Registry.
(Source 131:175)