Universalist Church

Universalist Church

Site: V10-10
Municipality: Hartland, VT
Location: Brownsville Road, Hartland 4 Corners
Site Type: Church


The Unitarian - Universalist Church (just the Universalist Church in 1869), is next, located as it is cheek by jowl to the Skunk Hollow Tavern ("Twin Spirits: The Sacred and The Profane" one Hartlander called them). The land of the present church was bought for $200 from James Hyland, a blacksmith mentioned below, who had his shop on the property, approximately on the spot where the Church dumpster now stands.

The village is graced by this quintessential New England Gothic frame church, whose foundation was built in 1854 with bricks from an earlier Universalist Church which had been located further up the road where Connie Tessier's riding ring is now. The move to its present location was made to the dismay of almost half the congregation, who stopped attending. The argument seemed to be based on whether the church should or should not have a basement. For those that decided to stay with the new church, an 1855 report stated: "A beautiful, pleasant and inviting church, not as large as the old one, but more agreeable to the eye and in better taste." A long series of open sheds stretched across the back where those attending could stable their horses and carriages during the service. They were subsequently torn down. The church is on the State Historic Registry.
(Source 131:165)