Windsor Diner

Site: V09-45
Municipality: Windsor, VT
Location: 135 Main Street
Site Type: Restaurant

Windsor Diner, Main Street, 1955, Moderne style.
Windsor's stainless steel diner is No. 835, the last one manufactured by the Worcester Diner Co. It is typical of patented roadside diners, which grew in popularity along with the automobile industry during the 1930s, 40s, and 50s. No. 835 was moved to Windsor in 1958 replacing an earlier single, then double car diner on this site.

Moderne style (c.1930-c.1955) designers ignored traditional architectural styles of the past, in favor of a sleek, streamlined kinetic appearance. This effect was created by employing modern materials, produced through technologically advanced means, such as enameled metal panels, large plate glass, black Carrara glass, and stainless steel. Mass production meant that roadside diners, like Windsor's, could be produced as quickly as cars and shipped all over the country.
(Source 49)

Windsor Diner, 135 Main Street: stainless steel, patented roadside diner of the type commonly erected in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s, Manufactured in 1955 by the Worcester Diner Company, of Worcester, Massachusetts, the diner (No. 835) was the last manufactured by this company and was moved to Windsor in 1958.
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