Former Windsor Town Hall

Former Windsor Town Hall

Site: V09-28
Municipality: Windsor, VT
Location: Court Street
Site Type: Town Hall


Town Hall, Court Street, 1881-82, Romanesque style.
The Boston architectural firm Appleton and Stephenson designed Windsor's massive, block-like Town Hall. Typical of the Romanesque style are the tall, narrow, round arched windows, bulls eye (round) windows, and use of terra cotta and brick to create a richly textural surface.
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Windsor Town Hall (American Legion Hall). Romanesque style, 1888.
Designed by the Boston architectural firm of Appleton and Stephenson, the building's massive, block-like form, its brick walls pierced by narrow pairs of round-arched windows along the side (north and south)elevations, is dominated by an expansive, slate-covered hip roof supported by a corbelled cornice eleven brick courses high. The eaves line of the hip roof is broken on the front (west) elevation by a projecting, pedimented gable above a symmetrical grouping of three, round-arched windows on the second story and a round-arched entrance portal on the first. The narrow, round-arched windows of the side elevations are repeated on either side in the form of recessed panels framing a window, decorative, terra cotta tile and bull's eye window. A round terra cotta tile bearing a shield and the date 1888, is located in the pediment. A long rectangular terra cotta plaque bearing "Town Hall" is located above the entrance panel.
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13. Town Hall. Date built: 1888.
DESCRIPTION: An outstanding example of Richardson Romanesque style architecture. The town hall was designed by the architectural firm of Appleton and Stephenson of Boston, Massachusetts.
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