Home Hill Country Inn

Home Hill Country Inn

Site: N09-36
Municipality: Plainfield, NH
Location: River Road
Site Type: Inn.



Home Hill Country Inn and Restaurant is located on River Road just north of the intersection with Freeman Hill Road. This large brick and frame building was built in 1818. The original house had burned after use as an inn since 1780. The property was then owned by the Woodman and Gray families for many years. In the 1930s and 1940s, it was owned by the Smyths who raised Guernsey cattle. Later the Bissel family kept a milking Holstein herd. The Smyths and Bissels were "gentlemen" farmers. It was purchased by Ted and Betty Burgess from the Bissel family in the 1960s. After several subdivisions, Alma Gilbert purchased it from the Burgesses. She had recently purchased Maxfield Parrish's home, The Oaks, and was acquainted with a well-known California restaurateur, Roger Nicolas, when she made him aware of the property. Nicolas purchased the property in February 1982 and opened the inn and restaurant in November 1983.

The restaurant features fine French cuisine and has been acclaimed in several international magazines of fine dining. The inn has nine rooms for overnight accommodations. Activities include cross-country skiing in the winter and tennis, swimming, and canoeing on the river in the summer.(82)
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