Little Studio, Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site

Little Studio, Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site

Site: N08-43
Municipality: Cornish, NH
Location: Saint-Gaudens Road
Site Type: Museum
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The Little Studio, the remodeled stable of the inn with pergolas added on two sides, was the sculptor's work-shop for many years, and has been left as in his day. On the sidewall under the pergola is a reproduction of a section of the Parthenon frieze, on which the sculptor experimented in the ancient art of coloring. The artist's desk and books are surrounded by productions of medallions and busts of his creation. To this studio Saint-Gaudens drew numerous students who have become famous, among them Frederick William MacMonnies, Charles Dana Gibson, Stephen and Maxfield Parrish, Kenyon Cox, George Brush, Henry B. Fuller, Henry 0. Walker, and William Hyde.
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Little Studio. Built in 1904 after designs by architect George Fletcher Babb, this building replaced a barn that Saint-Gaudens had earlier converted into a studio where he could work on the "Standing Lincoln" monument; sketches were later enlarged and completed by his assistants in a much larger studio nearby, lost to fire in 1944. The pergola, with its Doric columns, was designed by Saint-Gaudens in 1889 following a trip to Italy. Red stucco walls and casts from the Parthenon frieze complete the desired Mediterranean effect. The building now contains works by Saint-Gaudens, and a museum store in the former plaster-casting room.
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Designed by George F. Babb (1836-1915) in 1903-1904. The building in which the "Standing Lincoln: Lincoln the Man" and the "Puritan" sculptures were completed.
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