Sugar River Mill

Sugar River Mill

Site: N07-84.
: Claremont, NH.
: 159 Main Street.
Site Type
: Mill/Industry.



Built 1855, Greek Revival, brick, 3 story grist mill, granite lintels, end chimneys, central bay contains doors at each floor and a dormer with door and hoist above. 1866, Sawmill, wooden frame and clapboard, 1-1/2 stories.
(Source 27)

This two-story Greek Revival grist mill was constructed on a site used for grist and saw mills since Claremont's earliest days. Equipped with eight run of stone four flouring bolts and at least eight Tyler turbine water wheels (installed by their inventor John Tyler of Claremont) the mill processed meal and flour from corn, wheat, rye, oats and barley until World War II when the Tyler water wheels were sold for scrap. The mill was later used as a grain store and was converted to housing for the elderly in the early 1980s. An adjacent sawmill built in 1855 and active until 1918, was razed during the housing conversion.
(Source 116)