Dutton, Ide & Russell Houses

Site: N07-29
: Claremont, NH
: Central Street
Site Type
: Houses


Four identical brick houses with Doric porticos were built in a row on the south side of Central Street in 1835 and 1836. Three of these--the Dutton, Ide, and Russell houses--have survived and are used by St. Mary's Parish for religious, residential, and educational purposes. Aaron P. Howland (1801-67) of Walpole was probably the master builder. Howland may also have constructed a three columned Greek Revival house across the street (at Pearl Street) which dates from about the same time.
(Source 1:169)

Four Southern Houses, Central St. (L), brick structures, Doric in style and built in 1835 and 1836 by Charles L. Putnam, Simeon Ide, Ormnon Dutton, and Henry Russell, are now owned by the Roman Catholic Church. Two of them are occupied by St. Mary's Parochial School, opened in 1890 under management af the Sisters of Jesus and Mary, who were replaced by the Sisters of Mercy in 1896. In 1921, a high school was added. While the interior of these buildings has been changed, the outer structure has been left intact.
(Source 2:132)