The catalyst for cooperatively meeting the Valley's challenges is the Connecticut River Joint Commissions, who seek a strong and vibrant economy while capitalizing on the natural wealth of this place. Capitalizing without corrupting means conserving. Helping Valley people achieve that balance and finding the resources to ensure that quality of life is the role of the Connecticut River Joint Commissions.

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Twin Commissions from the Twin States

New Hampshire's Connecticut River Valley Resource Commission, created by the legislature in 1987, and Vermont's Connecticut River Watershed Advisory Commission, similarly created in 1988, were directed to cooperate with each other to preserve and protect the resources of the Connecticut River Valley, and to guide its growth and development. They have met together as the Joint Commissions since 1989.

Both Commissions are advisory and have no regulatory powers, preferring instead to advocate and ensure public involvement in decisions which affect their river and their valley.

 Commissioners and Staff

The thirty volunteer Commissioners, fifteen appointed by each state, are business people, landowners, conservationists, and citizens who live and work in the Valley and are committed to its future. CRJC has contracted with Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission to provide staff support. More on Commissioners.

Bridging Boundaries To Bring People Together

By engaging local leadership and initiative, and focusing resources to benefit the River and the people of its Valley, the CRJC have worked to:

Meetings open to the public

The public is encouraged to attend the meetings of the CRJC, usually held on the third Monday of the month, which provide a forum for issues ranging from bank erosion to economic development opportunities, tourism, water quality issues, instream flows, topics in recreation, and more. Click here for calendars of CRJC meetings and those of our five local river subcommittees.


The states contribute to the CRJC basic operating budget, while funding for programs comes from a variety of sources, including specific grants from state and federal agencies, private foundations, corporate contributions, and donations from individual "Friends of the River." The CRJC is a non-profit organization which can accept tax-deductible contributions.

Contact Information

CRJC has contracted with Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission to provide administrative support to CRJC.

Mailing Address:
10 Water Street, Suite 225
Lebanon, NH 03766

Phone Number:
(603) 727-9484

Primary Contact/Program Manager: Rachel Ruppel